Long Delightful Day of Travel. Part 1

The train pulled out of our small town in Schleswig-Holstein, in the northern part of Germany, shortly after 7:00 in the still moonlit morning. Noticing two very young families, nicely dressed, but clearly nervous new arrivals from the war torn Middle East, I hoped they were settling into their new land. As I stood up to ready myself to exit, I heard a middle aged German woman speaking to one of the young men in English, telling him to get off at this stop, and how to navigate to their next set of tracks.  I helped a bit with the translation, and when he clearly became worried because his family was farther back and they had to get off now amid the crush of the crowd, I smiled and reassured him that this was the last stop, and that everyone was getting off, so his family would be OK.  He smiled and relaxed.  A few minutes later while I was dragging my suitcase up the set of stairs to our next train, I saw a man rush halfway down to where I was huffing and puffing, and with a huge smile on his face, he ran up the stairs with my suitcase, smiled again, and rejoined his family.  I was smiling from my head to my toes.  He was so happy to repay my small kindness with a small kindness of his own.


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